Patch available with bugfixes & new features

Nov 8, 2010 at 9:55 AM

Hi Everyone,

This project has been very useful to the project I'm working on - after fixing a few issues it seems to work quite well. So I thought I'd contribute back + benefit from bugfixes & new features as they get developed :)

You can download this patch by going to Source Code tab --> Patches. It applies fine (for me at least) using TortoiseSVN's shell extension. The changes are:

- Bugfixes from workitems 3109, 3110 and 3711
- Bugfix to DirectoryObjectPickerDialog.SelectedObject_get
- Support for fetching attributes
- Support for SkipDomainControllerCheck flag
- Support for ADsPathsProviders option taken from forum post by besto (
- Removed dependency on ActiveDs type library
- New tester app that uses UI Automation to repeatedly open/close the picker (hoping to find interop crashes or memory leaks..)
- Throwing COM exceptions if calls fail in a few places
- Fixed "Virtual member call in constructor" ReSharper warning
- Calls to Marshal.ReleaseComObject
- Made some private method calls more readable
- Added a few new constants from  Windows SDKs 6 & 7 (not exposed yet - need to test on all platforms)
- Removed an unnecessary [MarshalAs(UnmanagedType.Struct)] which was being ignored anyway